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Volunteers make a difference!

If you’re a Band Parent (or Family Member), sign up…it’s fun!


It’s true that band is a wonderful experience for the students. It’s also true that there’s a lot of work required to support it! That’s why we need you as a volunteer. And, yes, you really will have fun when you volunteer and get to know other parents and band students!


Parents, guardians and grandparents directly benefit their student in band when volunteering, and set an extremely positive example.  Below are just some of the ways you can help! Reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator or any member of the RABB Board for more information


Interest Form

Fill out the form and give to any Band Director  Email for any questions 

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BISD Volunteer Portal

Volunteer Application, Hour Reporting

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The Richland Areas Band Boosters (RABB) is a parent, family, alumni and volunteer organization that supports the amazing Richland Band students and directors. We are the chaperones at events, the team transporting equipment and props, the uniform team keeping them looking sharp, the ones feeding them and making sure they have water, the people helping to make the special events run smoothly, the volunteers coordinating fundraising events, the people cheering them on every step of the way and so much more!


We hope you will choose to be part of RABB. It is a wonderful organization and a great way to get to know the students and families in the band. Volunteering with RABB is a great way to make a difference for over 200 musicians and to help fill their journey with the Richland Rebel Band with wonderful memories!



Funding a band can be staggering and at Richland, we like to keep our student band fees as low as possible. To do this, we must have successful fundraising and donations from the community. Are you good at organizing events, making calls, creating publicity, and motivating people? Your skills would be invaluable



Like help get the band ready for big events? Like to see smiles on teen faces? Want to serve? When bands travel to games and competitions, we feed them. The band students get excited when they hear about “what’s for dinner.” It’s a great way to help keep the students in top condition for performing!



Are you organized? Can you sew? While sewing is not a requirement it is a big help for the Uniform Coordinator. Volunteers are needed to support the Uniform Coordinator with fitting and assigning uniforms, maintaining uniforms during marching season, checking uniforms in after events, and many other activities. We also need people to help wash uniforms throughout the season. This is a great way to volunteer at home!



Band students understand the behavior expectations and how they are held to a higher standard. They understand that travel is a privilege that can be lost. Band students are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and riding the bus with them, making sure they have all they need to perform, watching after them at games and events, making sure they have water and such…. is really a fun job. Many chaperons are “Mama [insert name]” to the students. They understand chaperones are a reality and they do not make it a hard job. And yes, you get in free… is the least we can do.



You’ve seen the sets on a theater stage. The football field is the marching band’s stage. Props are uses to enhance the theme of the performance. They can be decorative or functional (ramps, storage for equipment/uniform/costume changes). We need your creative ideas to help make the director’s vision a reality on the field. Maybe it’s painting and building the props or figuring out the best way to assemble and breakdown the props quickly and safely. Maybe it is hauling all the extra percussion equipment (marimba, xylophone, timpani, gong, bass drum, keyboard, sound system, etc) on and off the field and making sure it is secure for transport. There are many ways to be part of the Big Blue Crew. No previous constructions skills are needed! All we ask is for is enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch in.



Students with asthma have prescription inhalers. Someone severely allergic to bee stings may have emergency medication. An intensive performance in uniform with the added stress of competition and heat, students need real help when they come off the field. It is not unusual for students to get a variety of injuries (twisted ankles), bumps from flag poles, sun burn, dehydration and more…. If you are a medical professional, your advice services could be put to good use.

Smiling medical personel


We participate in several special events during the year. These include Bandfest, marching competitions, Band Banquest, Summer Band Bash and other fun events for the band students. These are a great way to pitch in for an hour or a day. All are welcome! Look for emails to learn about upcoming opportunities.

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