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Richland area band booster board

President* - Erica Freeman
1st VP - Assistant to the President* - Stephanie Macon
2nd VP - Membership* - Jaclyn Armontrout
3rd VP - Fundraising* - Tania Harris
4th VP - Equipment* - Angela Arena
5th VP - Communications* - Kathy Anderson
Secretary* - Wendy Larsen
Treasurer* - Meg Jakubik
Special Projects* - Tania Harris
Parliamentarian - Christin Osborn
Historian/Publicity - Tim and Kathy McGuire
Chaperones - Betsy DiPaula
Uniforms - Leanna Harrigan, Angelique Sohn
Section Parent Coordinator - Betsy DiPaula
Hospitality - Betsy DiPaula, Tania Harris, Wendy Larsen
Nurse - Kim Sakovich
Patriotic Flag Fundraiser - Tom Tegtmeier
Volunteers - Betsy DiPaula
9th Grade Liaison: North Richland Middle - 
9th Grade Liaison: North Ridge Middle - 
*Executive Board Members
Flag Fundraiser Chairman
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